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Here are a few suggestions for report card comments on Reading.

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Area Tags Tone Comment
Reading reading, reading responses Positive {firstname} is able to offer direct responses to his/her readings and supports ideas with sound reasoning and specific examples.
Reading reading, reading responses Neutral {firstname} is learning to offer more direct responses to her reading experiences supported by reasons, examples, and details.
Reading reading, reading responses Constructive {firstname} needs frequent support to offer direct responses to his/her reading experiences supported by reasons, examples, and details.
Reading reading, comprehension, testing Positive {firstname} shows good ability when completing reading comprehension tests.
Reading reading, reading aloud Constructive {firstname} would benefit from extra practice with reading aloud and discussion of content.
Reading reading, comprehension Positive {firstname} consistently demonstrates comprehension of short spoken texts by answering questions, and explaining the events described.
Reading reading, grade level Positive {firstname} consistently reads grade-level material independently.
Reading reading, punctuation, writing Positive {firstname} uses good editing skills and correctly places capitals, quotation marks, question marks, apostrophes, commas, and periods.
Reading reading, comprehension Positive {firstname} is doing a good job of breaking a story into paragraphs
Reading reading, critical thinking Positive {firstname} determines various forms of writing and identifies important ideas through the development of insightful questions and answers.
Reading reading, analysis Positive {firstname} is able to analyze character actions, story plots, and shows strong fluency with reading.
Reading improvement, home support Positive {firstname}’s reading has improved considerably throughout the year. Please continue to practice reading with her nightly.
Reading sight words, home support Positive {firstname} is making excellent progress reading sight words. Please continue to practice with him nightly.
Reading nan nan {firstname} learns new vocabulary quickly.
Reading nan nan {firstname} needs to increase his speed and comprehension in reading.
Reading nan nan {firstname} has developed a mature reading vocabulary.
Reading nan nan {firstname} reads extensively.
Reading nan nan {firstname} now knows and is able to use _____ consonant and vowel sounds.
Reading nan nan {firstname} confuses the sounds __ and __.
Reading nan nan {firstname} is able to blend short words using the vowel(s) _____ without assistance.
Reading nan nan {firstname} is learning to attack words independently.
Reading nan nan {firstname} uses the phonics skills to attack new words.
Reading nan nan {firstname}’s reading is… (smooth, jerky, hesitant, rapid, irregular, or fluent).
Reading nan nan {firstname} comprehends what she reads.
Reading nan nan {firstname} is interested in books and reading.
Reading nan nan {firstname} can read to follow directions.
Reading nan nan {firstname} can now recognize __ sight words.
Reading nan nan {firstname} reads for pleasure.
Reading nan nan {firstname} needs a lot of repetition and practice in order to retain reading vocabulary.
Reading nan nan {firstname} is still confusing words that look alike.
Reading nan nan {firstname} is beginning to read words in groups and phrases.
Reading nan nan {firstname}’s reading is becoming automatic.
Reading nan nan {firstname}’s reading is not yet becoming automatic.
Reading nan nan {firstname} enjoys discussing the stories we read.
Reading nan nan {firstname} is able to read his sentences back.