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Here are a few suggestions for report card comments on Interests.

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Area Tags Tone Comment
Interests humor, laughter Positive {firstname} has a well-developed sense of humor.
Interests engagement Positive {firstname} holds many varied interests.
Interests engagement Positive {firstname} has a keen interest that has been shared with the class.
Interests participation Positive {firstname} displays and talks about personal items from home when they relate to topics of study.
Interests engagement, interest Positive {firstname} provides background knowledge about topics of particular interest to them.
Interests engagement, depth Positive {firstname} has an impressive understanding and depth of knowledge about their interests.
Interests self-motivated, additional learning Positive {firstname} seeks additional information independently about classroom topics that pique interest.
Interests reading Positive {firstname} reads extensively for enjoyment.
Interests discussion, reading Positive {firstname} frequently discusses concepts about which they have read.
Interests performance Positive {firstname} is a gifted performer.
Interests art Positive {firstname} is a talented artist.
Interests drama, acting, theater Positive {firstname} has a flair for dramatic reading and acting.
Interests talent, music Positive {firstname} enjoys sharing their musical talent with the class.