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Here are a few suggestions for report card comments on Group-Work.

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Area Tags Tone Comment
Group Work feedback Positive {firstname} offers constructive suggestions to peers to enhance their work.
Group Work feedback Positive {firstname} accepts the recommendations of peers and acts on them when appropriate.
Group Work empathy Positive {firstname} is sensitive to the thoughts and opinions of others in the group.
Group Work team player Positive {firstname} takes on various roles in the work group as needed or assigned.
Group Work leadership Positive {firstname} welcomes leadership roles in groups.
Group Work equity Positive {firstname} shows fairness in distributing group tasks.
Group Work planning, organizing Positive {firstname} plans and carries out group activities carefully.
Group Work equity Positive {firstname} works democratically with peers.
Group Work attitude Positive {firstname} encourages other members of the group.
Group Work focus Positive {firstname} helps to keep the work group focused and on task.