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Here are a few suggestions for report card comments on General.

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Area Tags Tone Comment
General grade level, skills, ability Constructive All of {firstname}’s basic skills are at grade level, but he is not working to the best of his ability.
General effort, improvement Positive {firstname}’s school work has shown improvement over the past quarter. I hope this effort will continue.
General behavior, meeting request Constructive {firstname}’s behavior continues to be inconsistent. She is still having difficulty following the school rules and respecting the other students. Please call to set up a conference.
General improvement, home support Positive Thank-you for your continued support and help from home. The amount of extra time you have been spending with {firstname} on his schoolwork is evident.
General improvement, home support Neutral {firstname} has improved since the last time we met. I suggest that you continue to work on {firstname} nightly.
General improvement, home support, participation Positive {firstname} is a polite and alert _____ grader. Because he is a quiet boy, he needs to be encouraged to participate in class. Any help you can give from home would be very beneficial.
General moving, meeting request Positive {firstname} has adjusted nicely to her new school environment. Could you call to set up a meeting as soon as you are settled into your new home?
General self confidence Positive {firstname} is gaining more self-confidence.
General grade level Neutral {firstname} is maintaining grade-level expectations.
General participation Positive {firstname} performs well in everything he undertakes.
General participation Positive {firstname} is doing strong work in all areas.
General participation Positive {firstname} is a clear thinker.
General participation Positive {firstname} has good organization of thoughts.
General encouragement Neutral {firstname} should be encouraged to _____.
General participation Constructive {firstname} needs frequent encouragement.
General participation, creativity Positive {firstname} exhibits creativity.
General attendance Constructive {firstname} has excessive tardiness.
General attendance Constructive {firstname} has excessive absences.
General self-discipline, homework Constructive {firstname} has failed to turn in makeup work.
General participation Positive {firstname} is a good student who appears to be a deep thinker.
General participation Positive {firstname} grasps new ideas promptly.
General self-discipline, behavior Constructive {firstname} talks excessively.
General self-discipline, schoolwork Constructive {firstname} needs to spend more time on assigned tasks.
General self-discipline, schoolwork Constructive {firstname} does not put enough time into the assignments.
General self-discipline, improvement Constructive {firstname} needs to improve self-discipline
General meeting request Neutral A conference is requested.
General meeting request Neutral Please call to set up a conference.
General home support Positive Your constant cooperation and help are appreciated.
General improvement, above grade level Positive It is possible for {firstname} to exceed grade expectations.